Now at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival, being a sweet love story with no need of copious dialog, SPOETNIK is a surrealistically mundane short that has a heart of gold and a soul of diamond.

A sweet story of Sam (Jiri Loozen) working in a food truck managed by Gilles (Michel van Dousselaere), selling the namely Spoetnik, a form of kebab stick that is composed of a piece of meatball, slice of onion, piece of meatball, slice of onion, piece of meatball, slice of onion, piece of meatball, slice of onion and piece of meatball. Gilles unfortunately is being pestered by a Civil Servant (Michiel Kerbosch), that tries to get the Spoetnik stall shut down.

One gaze, snap that’s it, Sam falls in love with the sweet girl Zola (Romy Gevers) next door, that sadly works in a brothel lead by the rather hard handed Pimp (Marcel Zwoferink).

The production value in this is so amazing, every shot oozes of pure artistic bravery Tim Kerbosch masterfully brought out with his vision of a visual representation of love, with lively colors and vivid changes of lighting. The set is amazing too, very Little Prince-y feel to it with the fast and slow tempo and characters both clothed and acted so well in their roles that it’s simply a sweet masterpiece.

What more can I say, I’ll let you do the watching. Have the tissues ready for the good and bad tears, this is a short you will love to watch.

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