What is life? What are the thoughts one goes through during the ups and downs? The never ending circles? The losses? The gains?

These are questions pondered in VIA.

Directed by Izzy Burton, VIA is an exploration of the self and of all the experiences a human being can go through within it’s life. With Burton’s masterful direction to the narrative comes also a statement of her own skills as an artist. She is the one behind the landscapes that summon wanderlust.

A pondering masterfully monologued by Harry Ditson, with a voice that blooms of wisdom, of air teemed with life. The poem read by Ditson is written by Rachel Cladingbowl, specifically created to go through the narrative of one’s self, one’s attempt to piece together the puzzle of the ethos everyone aims to complete and live with.

The music, composed by Vince Webb, is a sweet melody that allows the image to live vividly, giving the surrounds and events a meaning, following the narrative, following the image. Giving off slight undertones that feel reminiscent of Walking In The Air by Howard Blake, the track and soundscape keep on fuelling the images and adding a sense of constance, of going.

If anything, VIA is not just a sweet animation piece (Which has been produced by the Blue Zoo Animation studio, by the way), it is a statement and small philosophical road to a person’s thoughts on what life is when it has been lived.

It’s a movie that doesn’t invite you to melancholy, it invites you to join in the adventure and enjoy every hurdle and every path and emerge as a better you.

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