ALBUM: Gorillaz – The Now Now

1998 was a magical year for music.

It was the year when we were blessed by the grand meetup of musical artist Damon Albarn and graphical artist Jamie Hewlett. Both then came up with the idea of a cartoon band that would shift the entire base of modern music.

That band? The Gorillaz.

Their newest album The Now Now has vibes reminiscent of the Gorillaz’s album Plastic Beach, which not only had an amazing story of the awareness of pollution and the effects of it to the sea, but also a feel of serenity along with such songs like Broken and Melancholy Hill, which fed a need for escapism to a beach house.

It is a big change from their previous album Humanz, which had a more socio-political take on the lyrics and a drastically different style to the music Gorillaz usually dishes out.

What The Now Now though makes it way different is how it promotes the roots of Gorillaz: a song for every mood, a story that rocks your soul. If anything, It feels like a biography.

Not only that, this song will make you think of your current goals, the determination and why you need to see through this soliloquy why you should strive for something greater and not let a setback get you.

We all have dreams to fulfil, all it takes is some time away and some retrospect. Listen to this album, read the words.

You will learn what it will mean to try and reach the limelight.


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