REVIEW: YouTube Music

Unveiled in 2015, YouTube Music has been Youtube’s try at something different than just a video service. It didn’t get the same reception back then as YouTube Red did, allowing you to use it’s paid services to get both unique content by creators and to literally listen to videos by allowing you to lock your mobile’s screen while you enjoy the auditive experience.

It didn’t really take much of a following back then, mainly it was seen as a “oh well that is there I guess” kind of deal. And don’t get me started with Google Play, it was a decent streaming service completely underwhelmed by it’s near nonexistent marketing.

But since May 17th of 2018, YouTube decided to up the ante and evolved YouTube Music to a worthy adversary against streaming services like iTunes Music and Spotify, finally bringing a much needed shift in the basically bi-polistic feel of the aforementioned streaming services.

The defining feature of YT Music is simply how much underground artists that solely rely on YouTube to publish their EPs finally get to flourish and get their needed audience to find them and listen to them. Even right now as I am writing this I am listening to the sweet sound of the Bossa Beats mix by Jazz Hop Café. (That is another article later!)

You can choose to listen to it free from the browser or mobile, but on mobile it’d mean that you will have to keep the app open, for to listen to it with the screen locked you need to pay the sum of 12.99€ to get the best of the whole app. But don’t fret, YT Music comes first with a three month long trial period before asking for a payment.


The layout is rather ergonomic too.

The past month I have been using this I have almost only good to say of this app. It is so great, many artists I hoped to find on either iTunes or Spotify can finally be reached and a lot of potential is also in it in the sense of possible podcast shows or other auditive services.

But it is not all sunshine and rainbows. The browser version first of all is not reliable on Microsoft Edge, only working very fluently on the other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

On Edge it feels very badly optimized, having slow time to load a song or a playlist and not really answering smoothly when clicking around the tabs or the search bar,

And for some the steep monthly cost might feel a bit too much. It is to be noted also that it is only limited to the YT Music service, nothing else.

Though most disappointingly for me is the region lock. For some countries like Luxembourg the service has yet to reach, which is a lot of untapped musicians and audiences waiting to use a service basically ready to rock the world.

Otherwise I would definitely recommend it, it already is my basic music player on the go and I will use it for sure during parties.

Go check out YT Music and write down in the comments your experiences with it!

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