Montrealian electro with a rebel tinge   Released by Ninja Tune and remixed by Soulwax, here we have Marie Davidson's "Work It", a cautionary tale of... who am I kidding, not a cautionary tale but more of an attitude booster with good old classic straight to the point vocals. Marie Davidson herself being the vocal track of this remix, we get a great … Continue reading Montrealian electro with a rebel tinge

Groovy Japanophilia from the Réunion

  Agrume, the new French household name of future funk/new wave /vapourwave or however you like to call it has teased us with a very classic french house style take on his signature usage of Japanese samples with Worldwide Weeb. Spicing the entire track with token Japanese sound effects from all kinds of sources, ranging from … Continue reading Groovy Japanophilia from the Réunion