Montrealian electro with a rebel tinge


Released by Ninja Tune and remixed by Soulwax, here we have Marie Davidson’s “Work It”, a cautionary tale of… who am I kidding, not a cautionary tale but more of an attitude booster with good old classic straight to the point vocals.

Marie Davidson herself being the vocal track of this remix, we get a great attitude in this song that promotes real hard work and the true sweat that comes from that work. The vocals themselves don’t come as preachy or commanding, but more as rebellious against a culture of “work smart, not hard”.

Following a fairly basic layout to electronic music, without a full-on drop at the bridge but more of an arpeggiated elevation, this is a song that more or less feels like a playlist add to either a construction job or a very intense workout routine in the gym. The classic BPM that keeps on going in the song with the rooted metallic kick drum and snare feels somewhat of an easy rhythm to follow, so for you barbell lifters out there, I found the song that will make that barbell rise back up real good.

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