A year of no blogging: what I learned

As 2020 marks itself as one of our most turbulent years, I decided last year to side myself out from blogging and writing posts to simply explore the world creatively and just see where my creative mind has taken me to.

A few things I have learned about myself is simply what I find to be beautiful and creatively engaging. More critical analysis, more wide acceptance of art in all it’s forms. Helsinki and Finland in general have openly showed to me what are the greatest sides of northern art, most notably a near weekly go during the summer at Helsinki Art Walks and just finding out more about the artistic scene through reading, talking, exploring… in the end, I found out that Finland has a surprisingly wide artistic scene, most notably I found out that performing arts and music have been extremely present in the underground, and most notably I still remember an amazing art piece that was a protest on pollution, and this one amazing piece that was a solemn brick wall in the middle of a room with oil-like substance oozing from the central orifices, dripping down to a basin full of darkened oil.

That was a striking hit to me, it felt like a statement that our daily lives and our houses themselves just ooze out this dark poison into our ground, a striking piece of art I still remember to this day.

Second I moved to Belgium in the bustling city of Brussels in 2020, amazing place, amazing city and of course as the global pandemic hit it became pretty much a dead end in terms of exploring more the arts and culture, but in the mean time before it hit I found out many, many interesting places and different beautiful arts, namely what I experienced in the Museum of Music.

Never have I known such amazing instruments were in our history, ranging way beyond the keyboards and the strings. African culture showed such massive variety in flutes and drums, Asian culture has a lot of woodwinds and a surprisingly big amount of xylophones (I mean it, what’s up with Asia and xylophones…).

All in all, the confinement of course was much more of a deeper introspection. I found a lot of my own creativity, what activates me and what makes me have creative ideas, which died out naturally from staying within four walls.

The day we were allowed to go out without repercussions and to walk, I put on happily my mask very early in the morning, my gloves, and took one of my longest walks in my local forest.

Brussels, by the end of it, has a lot to offer to us creatively, and the many different small details this city gives are simply astonishingly intricate that exploring the creative world has been nothing more than great moments.

Here’s hoping the year will finally give us more to look for.

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