Visual projects I worked on sound designing. These clips range from solo projects for training to projects I was part of. This also includes live projects.

Artificial Invaders
A live robot game, Artificial Invaders is a game where robots are coded to score points for their team or to make opponents lose points.
I had the pleasure to create SFX for game starts and win situations for the project, which was an interesting take. The SFX itself was more of a test to see what works fine with the game itself and it turns out that the different sounds created more intensity and additional dramatic feeling to the game, which felt like a successful test and a continued partnership with the people in Artificial Invaders.

Watch Highlight: Robot Uprising Artificial Invaders Finals from RobotUprisingHQ on

Game Start SFX
Game tie / round over SFX
Game win by bomb SFX
Game win by points SFX

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