Internship at Gloria, Helsinki

After the Peacock Theater, I decided to strengthen my live sound muscles and I found an internship at the now defunct Gloria in Helsinki, Pieni Roobertinkatu.
Compared to the Peacock Theater, Gloria was more versatile than just being centered around theatrical things. The venue itself was home to music festivals, seminars, comedy shows and many, many more events that range from the more mundane to the more interesting and outlandish art project.
Through Gloria I not only cemented my understanding of live sound and how acoustics work in a boomy building, but I also found out my way to live mix. Or as I want to call it, my audio fingerprint.
With the small venue, I gained an amazing array of experience and confidence in live mixing for venues and events. And not to mention the very versatile personnel of the venue that opened up all the aspects of event work, from production to recording video for a wider distribution.

The skills I gained:
– A cemented understanding of the world of live sound and events
– The professional take on managing customer service in event work
– Confidence in front of house mixing and understanding the needs of the client
– The workflow of recording a live show and preparing microphone connections to go through the main mixer to the intended recording endpoint.

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