ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

Releasing the 14th of November 2018 but available to listen on Bandcamp already, Feverkin graces our ears with an album aptly named Calendar Project, a mix and match of very chill instrumentals followed by an amazing ambiance. Easily remembered, each and every track is simply named after every month of the year, from January to December. Each … Continue reading ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration

  As a little derivation from the basic album review and articles, I decided to jump into the newest that Bandcamp has to offer and let me tell you it's pure awesomeness through and through. Rob Nasty decided for this album to take in an ensemble of musicians to create Def By Demonstration, a very fresh breath … Continue reading ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration

ALBUM: Brown Lounge, Vol. 4 by Letherette

  Part of the Brown Lounge series, the Letherette duo brings forth an album filled with very soothing lo-fi music followed by clear and crisp samples doused with a thick layer of drums, guitars, bass, synths... you name it. Starting the album off is Me Myself, a very classic lo-fi beat following the good old formula created by Grammatik … Continue reading ALBUM: Brown Lounge, Vol. 4 by Letherette

ALBUM: Mounika – Walking Good

  What else than a French artist to sample French clips to a soothing album of pure mixed amazingness? Mounika Opens up his new album Walking Good with Quand Le Temps, bringing in autumn vibes and old French vocals that simply scream of Paris in the 1930's, but maybe with more swing to it than the swaying … Continue reading ALBUM: Mounika – Walking Good