A week after graduation. The aftermath of film school.

The day finally arrived. I have graduated officially as a bachelor in media may 31st, 2019. My studies began on august 12th 2014, and the long, five year road to graduation was filled with a massive mix of emotions that it is hard to describe within a single sentence. The official effect of my graduation … Continue reading A week after graduation. The aftermath of film school.


And who said that funk was dead? DJ MARRRTIN keeps the sound of that action packed genre well alive with his single Tango Hustle, which is part of the up and coming album Tango Hustle / Arash1 / Kills that is to be published by Stereophonk, a French label and pure treasure trove of full albums and tracks that ooze the … Continue reading SINGLE: Tango Hustle by DJ MARRRTIN

ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration

  As a little derivation from the basic album review and articles, I decided to jump into the newest that Bandcamp has to offer and let me tell you it's pure awesomeness through and through. Rob Nasty decided for this album to take in an ensemble of musicians to create Def By Demonstration, a very fresh breath … Continue reading ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration

MUSIC: Marius Circus – Apt

Composed by Marius Circus, Apt is, aptly, an electronic piece that is a nice reminder of that time when you went to the beach in the summer evening and strolled down the road, listening to the breeze, looking at the stars and the waves. Apt is another sweet piece from Marius' "In The Garden" line of EPs, … Continue reading MUSIC: Marius Circus – Apt

Who’s Sebastian?

You know, writing an introduction always feels weird because you need to do the whole "how's it going fellas" or something that has a nice quip to it, but let's derive from that norm a bit. So, hello there reader, welcome to my blog. I know I know, "A blog again, damn there is already … Continue reading Who’s Sebastian?