ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

Releasing the 14th of November 2018 but available to listen on Bandcamp already, Feverkin graces our ears with an album aptly named Calendar Project, a mix and match of very chill instrumentals followed by an amazing ambiance. Easily remembered, each and every track is simply named after every month of the year, from January to December. Each … Continue reading ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

TRACK: What’s In My Heart by VIGI   Time capsuling back to the good old grooves of the 1980's, VIGI comes up with it's track What's In My Heart a song that is part of his up and coming release French Honey. A pure, no holes barred disco jam that is so true to the source material that it feels like one of those … Continue reading TRACK: What’s In My Heart by VIGI

ALBUM: Sunstroke Bloodpool by Silent Laika

  Fully charged with emotions ranging from apathy to love, Silent Laika flows their soundwaves into our ears with Sunstroke Bloodpool, an indie rock/ alternative album filled with a lot of songs that remind me deeply of both the Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz. The quartet composed of Jacob Mundt, Lewis Parker, Asbjørn Mathorne & Arto Louis does such … Continue reading ALBUM: Sunstroke Bloodpool by Silent Laika

EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align

    Under the label of Hessle Audio, Joy O and BenVince released in May of 2018 their two-sided vinyl EP Transition 2/ Systems Align, a very classic render of ambient electronica with Boiler Room-esque vibes that you can imagine in an unsolicited party in an abandoned warehouse. Starting off with Transition 2, there are very clear references to trains … Continue reading EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align


Now at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival, being a sweet love story with no need of copious dialog, SPOETNIK is a surrealistically mundane short that has a heart of gold and a soul of diamond. A sweet story of Sam (Jiri Loozen) working in a food truck managed by Gilles (Michel van Dousselaere), selling … Continue reading SHORT FILM: SPOETNIK

MUSIC: Marius Circus – Apt

Composed by Marius Circus, Apt is, aptly, an electronic piece that is a nice reminder of that time when you went to the beach in the summer evening and strolled down the road, listening to the breeze, looking at the stars and the waves. Apt is another sweet piece from Marius' "In The Garden" line of EPs, … Continue reading MUSIC: Marius Circus – Apt

Who’s Sebastian?

You know, writing an introduction always feels weird because you need to do the whole "how's it going fellas" or something that has a nice quip to it, but let's derive from that norm a bit. So, hello there reader, welcome to my blog. I know I know, "A blog again, damn there is already … Continue reading Who’s Sebastian?