Groovy Japanophilia from the Réunion

  Agrume, the new French household name of future funk/new wave /vapourwave or however you like to call it has teased us with a very classic french house style take on his signature usage of Japanese samples with Worldwide Weeb. Spicing the entire track with token Japanese sound effects from all kinds of sources, ranging from … Continue reading Groovy Japanophilia from the Réunion


And who said that funk was dead? DJ MARRRTIN keeps the sound of that action packed genre well alive with his single Tango Hustle, which is part of the up and coming album Tango Hustle / Arash1 / Kills that is to be published by Stereophonk, a French label and pure treasure trove of full albums and tracks that ooze the … Continue reading SINGLE: Tango Hustle by DJ MARRRTIN

ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

Releasing the 14th of November 2018 but available to listen on Bandcamp already, Feverkin graces our ears with an album aptly named Calendar Project, a mix and match of very chill instrumentals followed by an amazing ambiance. Easily remembered, each and every track is simply named after every month of the year, from January to December. Each … Continue reading ALBUM: Calendar Project by Feverkin

TRACK: What’s In My Heart by VIGI   Time capsuling back to the good old grooves of the 1980's, VIGI comes up with it's track What's In My Heart a song that is part of his up and coming release French Honey. A pure, no holes barred disco jam that is so true to the source material that it feels like one of those … Continue reading TRACK: What’s In My Heart by VIGI

EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align

    Under the label of Hessle Audio, Joy O and BenVince released in May of 2018 their two-sided vinyl EP Transition 2/ Systems Align, a very classic render of ambient electronica with Boiler Room-esque vibes that you can imagine in an unsolicited party in an abandoned warehouse. Starting off with Transition 2, there are very clear references to trains … Continue reading EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align

SINGLE: Flight Facilites – Crave You (Artikal Sound System Cover)   Artikal Sound System, a band specializing in reggae music released in May 2018 their cover single Crave You, originally performed by Flight Facilities. The song itself already an icon of the 2010's has been rejuvenated to a funkier and laid back feel thanks to the vocals of their lead singer and the amazing accompaniment of … Continue reading SINGLE: Flight Facilites – Crave You (Artikal Sound System Cover)

ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration

  As a little derivation from the basic album review and articles, I decided to jump into the newest that Bandcamp has to offer and let me tell you it's pure awesomeness through and through. Rob Nasty decided for this album to take in an ensemble of musicians to create Def By Demonstration, a very fresh breath … Continue reading ALBUM: Rob Nasty – Def By Demonstration

Who’s Sebastian?

You know, writing an introduction always feels weird because you need to do the whole "how's it going fellas" or something that has a nice quip to it, but let's derive from that norm a bit. So, hello there reader, welcome to my blog. I know I know, "A blog again, damn there is already … Continue reading Who’s Sebastian?