EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align

    Under the label of Hessle Audio, Joy O and BenVince released in May of 2018 their two-sided vinyl EP Transition 2/ Systems Align, a very classic render of ambient electronica with Boiler Room-esque vibes that you can imagine in an unsolicited party in an abandoned warehouse. Starting off with Transition 2, there are very clear references to trains … Continue reading EP: Joy O & BenVince – Transition 2/ Systems Align


  What is life? What are the thoughts one goes through during the ups and downs? The never ending circles? The losses? The gains? These are questions pondered in VIA. Directed by Izzy Burton, VIA is an exploration of the self and of all the experiences a human being can go through within it's life. With Burton's … Continue reading SHORT FILM: VIA